How to Register at


How to Register at

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M88 is a trusted brand in online gambling in entire Asia. Their easy-to-use interface will cater every gaming need minus the hassle and the complications. On top of that, they have designed their facility not only to entertain you but to protect your personal information at the most secured level.

Their quick registration process will enable you to play in a world-class online platform that aims nothing but for you to feel safe while having fun playing sports betting and online casino games.

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Registration Tutorial

Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to register and create an account at See for yourself how easy it is!

1. Go to homepage and click the JOIN NOW or click >> here << for the registration form.

2. Fill in the form with your correct details and check the boxes. Click the REGISTER NOW button once you are finished reviewing the details. Dont forget fill the Referral ID 56583 for to get our promo.

 3. You will be directed to a Welcome Page. You will also receive a welcome message to your email.

Another advantage that M88 offers to their members is their top-of-the-line customer service. If questions arise, it is easy to ask help through their live chat service called Live Help and email.

There you have it! You’re done creating an account at It’s fast and easy. Now you can proceed to deposit and transfer funds to your account to start playing.


Why Register at is a leading brand when it comes to online gaming. We are leaders in the industry for a number of reasons that is why we continue to attract new members every day.

Have any promotion for any games, give to all member to get the playing experience with our promo.

A membership at M88 will enable you to access a secured platform where you can play your favourite online casino games and sports betting. Apart from that, we support different languages and currencies which will allow you to play easily regardless where you are located.

We also offer a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, not to mention the attractive bonuses, promotions, rebates and exclusive giveaways our members have been enjoying for the longest time!

Last but not the least, we are proud to serve you with a world-class customer service because it is our top priority to help you just when you need it. 

M88 is a leading destination when someone wants to play poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo or wants to place a bet on their most favoured team in the Premier League, La Liga or other football leagues. In here, you can enjoy playing while being secured at the same time!

What are you waiting for? Register now and experience a world-class gaming at the comfort of your home or at the palm of your hands.

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